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3000V electric fly swatter for insects

3000V electric fly swatter for insects


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1. Kill mosquitoes quickly: 7000v current can kill mosquito quickly, to ensure no mosquitoes are left behind
2 dual-use mosquito killing mode: 1. In your hand is the mosquito kill racket; 2.Place it on the base and connect the power supply, which is the mosquito-killing lamp mode.
3. INTEGRATED BATTERY: lithium battery, replaceable battery, low power consumption; Usb interface, it can work while charging.
4. 3 modes: three gears (off mode / mosquito net / mosquito lamp mode), dual mode, multi-functional use, dual switch design, etc.
  • Increase the mosquito net, double-sided protective cover, intimate security.
  • Specs:
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 49.63 * 18.55 * 3.3cm
  • Color: black / white (optional)
  • Lithium battery body: 1200mah
  • Ultraviolet wavelength: 360-400nm
  • Charging current: 60-20mA
  • Rated power: 5w
  • Package Included: Metal Melting Torch Mini Gold Furnace Graphite
  • 1 * mosquito swatter